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Focused on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Focused on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual HealingFocused on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Energy Healing

Introduction to energy HEALING

ALL matter is ENERGY. 

"A fundamental assumption of energy healing is that all life is sustained by Universal Life Energy, that moves freely within and without sentient beings." The concept of vital life force energy has been around since Ancient times, labelled with different names in different cultures. Each with a similar description that vital life force energy flows through and between living beings and their environment. "They all believe that the Universe is a subtle energy system reflected within the human body." Quantum physicists say that reality consists of energy fields vibrating at different frequencies. "The principles of energy fields describe the human as a physical entity of internal and external energy fields in continuous interaction." "Illness results when there are blockages in flow or disordered patterns. Disruption of energy flow affects all the fields."

In health, this energy is balanced and harmonious. 


The practice of energy healing

According to the American Holistic Nurses Association, Energy Healing is the deliberate process of using an external energy field to induce a change in one's own or another's field for the purpose of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. 

Energy healing practices alter the subtle flow of energy to facilitate healing. Historical, philosophical, theoretical and research knowledge are involved in creating the foundational framework for Hope and Harmony's practice of energy healing. Our Nurse Healer's personal, ethical and intuitive knowledge are also integrated into the framework, making our energy healing practice holistic and ever expansive. 

At Hope and Harmony, the healer and healee come together in a co-created space for healing. Knowing that all things are connected, our healer enters into this relationship holding the intention that the healing of the healee be for their highest and best. 

The Energy Healing Process

The Energy Healing Process is similar to the Nursing Process and comes naturally to our Nurse Healer! 

Our Energy Healing Practitioner first begins to prepare herself for the healing interaction by meditating with the intentions to ground, center and channel the Highest Vibrations Light and Love for the highest and best of the client. During her assessment, she uses her hands and intuition to search for clues about the state of the individual's energy flow. If imbalances are identified, interventions will be implemented to bring the energy filed back into greater balance.

The goal is to restore balance and order to the individual's energy field. At the close of the session, space is created for the individual to rest and to reintegrate the new energy into the field. An at home management plan is discussed and an evaluation of that plan is scheduled for the next session.

Intention and Presence: The Healing Interaction